In the Kingdom

by Lunaform

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Recorded/produced entirely on an iPod using the GarageBand app due to a tight budget. :3



released February 26, 2016

All songs written by btwolf. Guitar, vocals, violin, bass, keys, synths, drum programming by btwolf. Produced by btwolf. Photography and logo by btwolf.

All tracks mixed by btwolf.

Tracks 1-7, 9-13 mastered by btwolf. Track 8 mastered by Keenan Hye.



all rights reserved


Lunaform Toronto, Ontario

One-woman band/bedroom producer.

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Track Name: Trail Marks
Mark the trails you used to know
With blood from your fingers and your toes,
Let the bark from the trees gleam red,
We'll go back to the dead,
Crush the leaves on the forest floor,
Ruin the paths that have come before

(chorus): Unsafe secrets and old memories,
Chasing us in these neglected places,
Forgetting the roads already taken,
Unaware of their nightly resurrection

I wish I could go to you,
But I don't even know you,
Your home is where I can't go,
It's where I let my tears flow,
Leaving footprints everywhere,
Follow my marks, I run to despair

(chorus) x2

Resurrect the memories

Track Name: Abrasions
It starts in my gut,
And it flows to my skin,
A twisting, burning anger is within,
Smash my bones, and stab the heart,
A violent end to an empty start
Let this all decay,
Why don't you go away?

(chorus): Go on and leave the mess behind,
Trick yourself to go where you think I can't find,
Drink your body dry, poison your blood,
Blackened shit, fucking waste, useless mud
I hope you decay,
I'll laugh as you try to stay

You ruined it all,
I hope you're satisfied,
You said it didn't mean anything,
Okay, but you've always lied
And so have I
You don't want to see me take control,
Go ahead, be scared, and run
Even though I'll always be right there


My veins cut open,
My blood runs dry,
Broken ribs, punctured chest, ruptured lungs,
The new blossoming wounds,
I don't know what can be said,
But I know you're dead,
And we'll never see our end

(You'll be so unloved, keep your cups close)
Track Name: Blood Magic
There's hatred in her heart,
There's hatred in her soul,
She'll decide when you die,
She'll never let you go
The devil's in her mind
And she is powerful

Spills of blood, body parts to spare,
Spells of blood vanish in the air

You're trapped in this hell,
Sacrifice yourself,
You're trapped in this hell

There's poison in your skin,
There's poison in your mind,
Your flesh is dripping,
And you're running out of time
The devil's in your mind,
And you're never coming home

Spills of blood, body parts to spare,
Spells of blood vanish in the air

You're trapped in this hell,
Sacrifice yourself,
You're trapped in this hell
Track Name: Love of the North
(chorus): I give my love to the north,
I give my love to the sky,
I know it's cold,
And the snow is bright
I give my love to the north


I will never leave this cold place,
Even in the dark of the midday moon,
Even if the ice on my face turns my skin black,
And the frost on my window confines my breath,
Love the latitude even in death


Never make me go away from here,
Even if the other lands are warm,
I don't care if I die under the ice,
At least I'll know I'm part of this place,
I truly believe this is my fate


Dark days of winter and bright nights of summer, love you forever
If I must leave, I'll tear my heart out of my chest, bury it in the snow

Track Name: Silk
I am starving;
Everything I eat
Leaves me wanting more,
Insatiable to my core,
Devour everything,
Even the one who I must obey,
I could defeat the darkest king

(chorus): Silk traps every light,
Weaving mazes in dark spaces,
Digging my legs into charred skin,
Until blood from deep within
Pours into my mouth, feeding me
Only temporarily

I am so weak,
Despite what I eat
I can change my greed,
Make the tyrants bleed,
Devour everything,
Even the one who I must obey,
I could defeat the darkest king


And when I’m done with him,
I will wrap my legs in silk,
Tangle every limb
As I chew and swallow my own shell
Salt will glue this web to my cells,
I will always dwell,
I mean the land well
Track Name: Truest Blue
It's not your fault that they don't care,
It's not your fault they just like to stare,
They say you're just your hair,
And your blue eyes,
You're too beautiful

(chorus): They'll be sorry,
I'll make them sorry,
Make them pay,
They'll regret they ever said you weren't able,
Your eyes may shine,
But nothing shines more than fresh blood of our enemies

I'll let them know how pretty you are,
When I tell them your plans with my ugly mouth,
They won't be ready to feel it,
They won't be able to see it,
You said to feel it in our bones,
Just know I could never miss it


Live up to those expectations,
Can't have any imperfections,
They're gonna strip you down,
And wrap your shirt around your neck,
And put a bow on the noose,
And shave your pretty little head
Until the blue in your eyes is drained.
They'll drown you in the same colour,
Drown you in the truest blue


They'll be sorry,
I'll make them sorry,
Because I'm gonna drown them in the truest blue,
Just for you,
In the truest blue
Track Name: Sea King
Your dreams could fill the deepest trenches,
Your majesty,
Am I worthy to tell you this story about me and you,
I swear it's true?

You make swimming look easy,
And you teach us to be brave,
I could never leave your kingdom,
Be forever in your wave

There have been these strange times,
I wanted to hold you close,
And you were in my dreams,
The moon pulled back the tides

I love you my friend,
But we know you can't love me

We stripped off our skin and scales,
So we could see each others' beating hearts,
Lungs, and livers,
For a second I thought I could fuse my organs to yours

I love you my friend,
But we know you can't love me

I thought I could fuse my organs to yours,
So I could live your life, be happy like you
Track Name: Sky Wanderer
High above the mountains,
Away from the forest fires,
You fly the sky to new places,
Defying time,
Leaving gravity behind,
Refusing to fight,
Alone into the night

(chorus): You could heal the world with laughter,
And make us remember what matters,
But you fly far into the sky in these times of turmoil,
While salt from tears we cry feeds the barren soil

You have no qualms with us,
And you say you care,
But the stars take over you with their burning light,
While our lands ignite and we can't take flight,
Alone into the night


Your energy could rid me of my lethargy
Your positivity could free us from lividity

Track Name: The Valley of Fire
In the fire,
In the woods,
In the valley,
In the fire,
In the land of blood,
In war,
The soldiers fight their war,
In the kingdom,
In the river of blood,
In the valley of fire,
In the valley of blood
Track Name: Dove
I could say that the worst is over,
I could say that there is hope,
But the rage is clear as he stalls to declare war,
They puncture his body
To stop any promise of harmony he swore

(chorus): We'll know he's not weak when the white doves fly,
Not when the demons cry,
We take pleasure in carrion feasts,
Banquets of flesh will never beget peace

I could let them ruin his body,
I could let them eat his heart,
But they'll tire of the taste of blood
As they crawl through the rubble,
Dirty knees and bruised hands,
In a place of broken souls and loneliness


The doves will gather 'round the grave
And sing of time and peace,
Of moments and heroes not to save,
The melodies that will let us leave
Any dangerous place,
Songs to stop our hearts but let us live